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25 February 2011

test post 3

work dam you, work!

30 June 2010

Flash AS3 Memory card game

6 May 2010

My Top 5 films of all time (well... so far)

I feel compelled to list the top 5 films of all time by 'me'. These are the films I can watch over and over and never get bored. I wouldn't call myself a film critic but I know a good formula when I see one. There are times like 'Dragonball Evolution' where you wonder why they ever come to fruition (I still haven't seen nor will I ever) but every now and then these little gems come along like.

AVATAR A visual 3D master piece, visually stunning in every way, a winning plot, all seen before but why fix something that isn't broken. If you don't mind sitting down for 2 1/2 hours then it's well worth it.

The Fifth Element An action adventure film about saving the world, essentially. Mad and wonderful costume design by Jean Paul Gaultier, a brilliant score by Eric Serra, along with imaginative character and set design, it keeps my senses active throughout.

Groundhog Day One of my personnel favourites and possibly underestimated. Bill Murray's look of despair is always an amusing and unique one. It always gets me thinking, 'what would I do?' if I could re-live the same 24 hour day.

Fight Club Shaking up the modern way of life. Are we all victims of consumerism? Depends on personal interest. I like the way this one address societies constant battering of marketing and advertising techniques. A rugged edged black comedy with heavy doses of violence and David Fincher's signature style film making. "The things you own end up owning you."

The Shawshank Redemption A Stephen King adaptation that puts you comfortably on Andy Dufresne characters side. A story about eternal hope and never giving up. I haven't seen a film like it before and would recommend this to anyone who are into great stories.

19 February 2010

1 amazing short film 'Nuit Blanche' by Spy films

Nuit Blanche a short film by Spy films explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy. A stunning piece of film. The making of Nuit Blanche gives you a small indication of complex layers making up the final composition. This film makes me want to change my career from an Interactive Designer to an After Effects/VFX specialist.

22 January 2010

Useful Flash Action Script code

As an interactive designer I deal with a lot of flash banner campaigns. 2 very typical pieces of code I use repeatedly are, 'wait' and 'loop'. The wait code stops the timeline for a number of seconds and then plays, this avoids creating long timelines when controlling time between animations.
  • Wait for (number of seconds) then plays
  • Loops 3 times then stops
Download as2_wait_loop.fla

    27 December 2009

    Tiltshift Photography and Geoffrey Rush

    Photograph of Kings Speech film shoot

    Have you heard of TiltShift Photography yet? Tilt-shift miniature style photos are pictures of real-life scenes that are manipulated to look like model photographs. You can make your own at Mine is in this post header (see above). I used a photo I took of Goeffrey Rush shooting a new film called 'The King's Speech' outside my building. Converting the entire street to look like 1950's, it was amazing how they did it. Release date is 2010.

    Have a look at 50 Beautiful examples of TiltShift Photography and see what other people have produced. As well as an impressive video 'Apple Cup Time'.

    20 November 2009

    Make Photoshop Faster

    Make Photoshop Faster image
    Thanks to danrubin he's devised 2 very simple setting changes to make the difference in Photoshops performance. Make Photoshop Faster. Genius.